The Top 5 Most Populated Cities in Arizona

Let’s face it. There’s a reason that everyone’s moving into the cities. It’s because the cities are so much fun. Granted, where there are more people, there are bound to be more problems. But there are also bound to be more people to solve those problems as well. What often ends up happening as a result is that you, as a city-dweller, get access to all manner of conveniences.

As such, it makes a lot of sense to rent a home in the middle of these cities, if you can. Not just because of the convenience, and not even on account of affluence, but because of the culture.

Presented for your perusal, then, are the five most populated cities in the state of Arizona.

5.) Glendale, AZ

Football fans should already be cheering. Glendale is a huge sports town. It’s the home of the Arizona Cardinals, who play at the University of Arizona stadium. It’s also home to the Phoenix Coyotes, the Arizona hockey team. Additionally, it’s home to the spring training complex for the LA Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox.

4.) Scottsdale, AZ

Not so much a sports town as a culture town, Scottsdale has the number one arts festival in the US. These artistic districts tend to be concentrated downtown, including such places as the Main Street Arts District. The city hosts a weekly display event every Thursday evening. However, beware: the city does have a reputation for a certain elitist air.

3.) Mesa, AZ

Located just 20 miles east of Phoenix, Mesa has a larger population than several cities, including Miami, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Cleveland. However, because it’s so close to Phoenix, it has a reputation as a commuter town, with people staying in Mesa for the amenities and doing their work in the larger city. Still, if you’re looking for a quieter town, this could be a good fit.

2.) Tucson, AZ

The largest city in southern Arizona. Nicknamed “Optics Valley,” due to the presence of several companies specializing in optics and optoelectronics. These range from public to private companies, and as such the city has a reputation for technology jobs.

1.) Phoenix, AZ

The most populated city in the state. Phoenix is also known for its political culture, being the home of several notable politicians. The other three cities on this list, excluding Tucson, are actually considered part of Phoenix’s metropolitan area. Meaning that you get the advantage of all of those cities if you decide to rent here.


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