Soon, You Won’t Chase Just Facebook Likes

Do your Facebook posts make people say “wow,” or do they maybe love it, laugh at it, or even get a little angry at it? Soon, your friends and followers will be able to select an icon to help you better gauge your followers’ emotions when they don’t leave a comment.

Facebook plans to add to its thumbs-up icon to offer more reactions so that others can quickly react to your posts. The social network’s new reactions will be filled with emojis and are to launch “in the next few weeks,” the social media giant says.

Facebook has dubbed the project “Reactions” and will soon offer several emojis to join its thumbs-up like button. Facebook has grouped its most popular user responses into categories: angry, sad, wow, laughter, and love.

Bloomberg News reports that, to simplify the design, the usual thumbs-up button will be available under each post, as is now, but if you press down a little longer from your smartphone, the other options will come up. The post in the News Feed will then show how many “wows”, “haha”s, and “love”s each post generated.

According to Bloomberg, Facebook’s goal with the News Feed algorithm is to allow users to create a “universal vocabulary that lets people express emotion as they scroll through their feed.”

Facebook has been testing Reactions in a few countries since October.

Source: “Inside Facebook’s Decision to Blow Up the Like Button,” Bloomberg (Jan. 27, 2016)


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